​22 Months

For information on Stud service please give us a call.  

We require all girls to have OFA hip, Elbow and Eyes Certifications before we will allow breeding. 

Stud Fee for the boys is Gibbs $2000.  Stud fee guarantees 2 live puppies.  If no puppies result from the initial breeding (on stud fees paid in advance only) then we offer a repeat breeding to any stud dog owned solely by Horne's Labradors.
We do offer a service fee.  The service fee is $400.00.  The service fee is considered a deposit towards the full stud fee balance and is non-refundable fee. The remaining balance is due within 7 days upon the birth of 2 live puppies.  If no puppies result from breeding a repeat is not offered and the service fee is non-refundable.

Shipping fees, extender and shipping boxes are not included in Stud Fee

Extender -$30 per collection - Boxes - $30 each

​12 Months

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Horne\'s Out In the Sticks
MBISS GCH Shalimar\'s The Animator BISS CH Nipntuck Hyspire Unforgettable BISS GCH CH Sure Shot Hyspire Impressive
BISS CH Blackwater\'s Nipntuck Cheerleader
Shalimar Hyspire Biding My Time CH Figero Da Foz Herbu Zadora
Hyspire Shahli When Your Hot Your Hot
BISS CH Centre Court Jamemmie BISS CH Blackwing Superfine BISS CH Blackwing Santee
CH Blackwing Super Freak
Centre Court Illusion BISS CH Rozzay Hunt Club Clayview Grady
Centre Court Silhouette
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Mar-Moye Special Agent Gibbs BISS CH Elhid\'S Average Joe BISS CH Windfall\'s Pipe Major BISS CH HySpire Darktown Strutter
BISS CH Windfalls Black Piper
Valcar ELHID\'s Sidda Lee BISS AMCH Ghoststone\'s Louie Downtown CD, WC
Valcar\'S A Lady Katherine
CH Mar-Moye Ziva\'s Angels CH Fortune\'s Jailbreak Dickendall Buckstone Thunderstruck
Fortune\'S Jet Puffed
Ch Mar-Moye Agent Ziva MBISS AM GRCH/CAN CH Waifin\'s Fly Cabot to Torngat
BISS CH Mar-Moye Rhiannon At Oakfell
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Superhero\'s Dusted Golden Boy BISS Ch Caer Bren Superhero CD RN MH Diickendall Buckstone Superman JH CH Dickendall Arnold
Dickendall Buckstone Lily
Caer Bren Louisa JH Ch Tabatha\'s Drifter at Dickendall
Ch Allegheny\'s Crystal JH
Fiveoaks Georgie Girl CH Boradors By George CH Lenches Gallivant
Ch Deer Runs Sweet Carmel Cream
Lobuff\'s Bailey of Fiveoaks Lobuff Conconut Custard
Ch Lobuff\"s Guadularose
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BOSS CH Horne's Out In the Sticks - Timber

BISS GCH Shalimar The Animatior X BISS Ch Centre Court Jamemmie

Black (Chocolate)

EIC - Carrier\ PRA- Carrier \Long Coat - Carrier\ Heart-Color Echo Clear

OFA Pre-Lims Hips excellant /Elbows Normal


Timber - Show Record

Augusta Kennel Club 2017 - Reserve Winners Dog

Greater Atlanta LRC 2017 - WD BOW 5pt Major - Breeder Judge Sue Willumsen

Greater Atlanta LRC 2017 - BOS Sweeps - Breeder Judge Marlynne Frisbie

Coastal South Carolina LRC 2017 - Best In Sweeps - Breeder Judge Sheree Paskert

Coastal South Carolina LRC 2017 - WD/BOW 3pt Major- Breeder Judge Lisa Weiss

Coastal South Carolina LRC 2017 - WD/BOW 3 pt Major- Breeder Judge Sally Bell 

LRC Piedmont 2018 - Best In Sweeps - Breeder Judge Kathy DeVito

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show - WD/BOW 1pt - Judge Paul Campanella

Badger LRC 2018 - WD Best Bred By- Breeder Judge Elizabeth Bowron

Tullahoma Kennel Club of Tn. 2018 - Best Of Breed - Judge Dana Cline

LRC National Specialty 2018 - JAM - Breeder Judge Susan Huntzinger

Greater Atlanta LRC 2018 - Select Dog - Breeder Judge Vonnie Russell

LRC Piedmont 2020 - BOSS - Breeder Judge Traci Stintzcum

Gibbs-Show Record

Hilton Head Kennel Club 2016 -  Reserve Winners Dog @ 6 months of Age

Labrador Retriever Club Speciality 2016 - Best In Sweeps

Coastal Carolina LRC Jan 2017 - Best Of Opp sweeps (Both Days)

LRC Piedmont 2017 - Best Of Opp Sweeps

Raleigh Durham LRC 2017 - Reserve Winners Dog

Raleigh Durham LRC 2017 - Best In Sweeps

Greater Atlanta LRC 2017 - WD-BOW-BOS (5pt Major)- Breeder Judge - Shaun Williamson

LRC of the Piedmont 2018 - RWD - Breeder Judge - Linda Major

LRC of the Piedmont 2018 - WD-BOW (5 pt major) Breeder Judge - Judy Chambers

Westminster KC Dog Show 2018 - RWD - Judge Paul Campanella

Maryland Sporting Dog Club Supported entry 2018 - WD BOW - (3 point Major) Breeder Judge- Vicky Creamer

Maryland Sporting Dog Club Supported Entry 2018 - WD (3 point Major) Michael Faulkner

MJLRC supported entry 2018- BOB - Breeder Judge Judy Chambers

New Brunswick KC - Select - Breeder Judge Nancy Arbuckle

Bronx County KC - Select - Breeder Judge Guy Spagnolo

LRC Potomac -2018 - JAM - Breeder Judge Jean-Louis Blias

Keystone LRC 2018 - Select Dog - Breeder Judge Jeff Gilmore

Mid-Jersey LRC supported Entry 2018 -BOB - Breeder Judge Gerado Saldana

Trenton Kennel Club 2018 - Group 2 -

Trenton KC 2018 - BOB - Desmond Murphy/Group 1 Debra Thornton

Miami Valley LRC 2018 - Select - Breeder Judge Joan Saldana 

Miami Valley LRC - BISS - Breeder Judge Gerado Saldana

Raleigh Durham LRC 2018 - Best Of Opposite - Breeder Judge Keri Schooler

Raleigh Durham LRC 2018 - Select Dog - Breeder Judge Jan Granneman

Union County KC 2018 - BOB - Breeder Judge Janet Farmelette/Group3- Judge Robert Slay

Staten Island KC - Best Of Opposite - Judge Danny Seymour

Plainfield Kennel Club 2018 - BOB -Judge Michael Manning

GPLRC 2018- AOM - Breeder Judge Shannon Charlton

GPLRC 2018 - BOS - Breeder Judge Krista Beal

LRC of Greater Boston 2018 - BOS - Breeder Judge Jean-Louis Blias

LRC of Greater Boston 2018 - Select - Breeder Judge Pauline Georgi Mortier

LRC Piedmont 2020 - BISS - Breeder Judge Susan Huntzinger

SJVLRC 2021 - Select - Breeder Judge Ron Kelly


​4 months

Superhero's Dusted Golden Boy

(CH Caer Bren Superhero CD RN MH X Fiveoaks Georgie Girl)
OFA - Excellant/normal, OFA -Cardiologist - normal, Optigen PRA - Normal

Best In Sweeptstakes at LRC Orlando 2016

​15 months

MBISS GCH ​Mar-Moye Special Agent Gibbs
BISS CH Elhids Average Joe X Ch Mar-Moye Ziva's Angel
OFA Finals -  Hips: good  | Elbows: normal |  Eyes: normal 

EIC: clear | Long Coat: carrier
Co-Owned with his breeder Moye and Marion Daniel