Horne's Labradors 
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The English Labrador Breeder of North Florida


We only breed english labradors that meet breed standard and great temperments.  Our Lab puppies have champion bloodlines with a history of show, hunting, companion, and service animals.

The boys sure do love the taste of dirt

Dusty & Ellie Puppies

2013 Mothers Day litter

   Our Labrador Puppies will be sold with limited AKC registration.  Upon Approval, full AKC will be available to reputable breeders. We will keep you informed on what is happening.


We want to thank American Military and their families.  For all active military personnal we are giving a 10% discount on our Labrador Puppies.

We focus on producing quality labrador puppies, that will make the best pets possible.  We have been blessed with very calm labrador retrievers that are the heart of our breeding program.  Our labrador retrievers are raised in our home with love and attention.  Our labrador puppies will be well socialized.  They will be raised with other labradors, and be used to a wide age range of people.  Our lab puppies will be used to all the normal noises that take place in a house full of children.   We will start some basic obedience training that will include coming when called, sit and wait. 

All Labradors Retrievers are not the same, do not let anyone tell you that there is not a difference between the American (hunting stock) and the English (Show Stock) bloodlines.  The American labs are bred to work the fields all day, because of this they require much more activity.  Some American labrador retrievers have such a high work drive that they need a job to do everyday to be content.  The English labrador retrievers on average, are much less excitable.  They are content being wherever you are and laying on the floor in the family room.  Make sure you do your research and pick the correct labrador puppy for your family.  If you have more questions about the two lines of lab puppies please contact us for more information.

Our Lab puppies are heading to homes all over the south from Jacksonville Fl. to other cities in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

A Little History From Horne's Labradors
The follow pictures are from our first litter of Lab puppies with our oldest daughter in 2000.

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LRCP Puppy Checklist

Original by Cheryl Minnier (Adapted From Looking for a Golden Retriever Puppy)-From Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac



  • Take full responsibility for this dog and all its needs for the next 10-15 years? This is NOT a task that can be left to children!
  • Invest the considerable time, money and patience it takes to train the dog to be a good companion? (This does not happen by itself!! !!)
  • Always keep the dog safe; no running loose, riding in the back of an open pick up truck or being chained outside?
  • Make sure the dog gets enough attention and exercise? (Labrador puppies need several hours of both, every day!!)
  • Live with shedding, retrieving, drooling and high activity for the next 10-15 years.
  • Spend the money it takes to provide proper veterinary care including but certainly not limited to: vaccines, heartworm testing and preventative, spaying or neutering and annual check ups?
  • Become educated about the proper care of the breed, correct training methods and how to groom? (There are many good books available, invest the time to read a few.)
  • Keep the breeder informed and up to date on the dogs accomplishments and problems?
  • Take your questions to the breeder or other appropriate professional before they become problems that are out of hand?
  • Have the patience to accept (and enjoy) the trials of Labrador puppyhood, which can last for three years, and each stage afterward?
  • Continue to accept responsibility for the dog despite inevitable life changes such as new babies, kids going off to school, moving or returning to work?
  • Resist impulse buying, and instead have the patience to make a responsible choice?
  • If you answered yes to ALL of the above you are ready to start contacting breeders. Start early because most responsible breeders have a waiting list ranging from a few of months to a couple of years. Remember, the right puppy or adult dog IS worth waiting for!!

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